[xslt] extending xsltproc with plugins

I have to extend xsltproc with a set of our defined funcion and as I'm not a 
pro c programmer (as I'm a java programmer) I'm not able to compile my 
library file against the source code of libxslt. I try to compile it with the 
whole libxslt, adding some lines (maybe in the wrong way) to the make file 
but there's no way to compile it.
I see that the make don't compile the testplugin.c file. So I can't even try 
to put this example file in /usr/local/lib/libxslt-plugins/ folder. 
Can somebody help me please?
Another question, having a look (more than one for real) at the source code of 
TestPlugin.c there's this comment

function libxslt:test() for testing the extensions support.

but in the test xslt file this is the call to the function and the element:

<xsl:value-of select="libxslt:testplugin('SUCCESS')"/>

Is anything I miss or is an error in the documentation?
Another question, should the library and the function inside the library (our 
function not the one to load an unload the library in xsltproc) respect any 
kind of naming convention? I ask this because I see some example around where 
if the namespace is www.test.xml/test the library is called test_xml_test.so.

Best Regards and thank you for helping me.


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