[xslt] [PATCH][WIP] Using libexslt functions outside of XSLT

Had a desire to use some exslt functions in libxml2 xpath expressions
last month, attached is the patch I wrote. It's not really in a
finished form, but works well enough, so thought I'd send it to the
list rather than forget about it completely.

In the grand tradition of bad example code without error checks or cleanup:

	xmlDocPtr doc = xmlReadDoc((xmlChar*)"<test>2008-11-22</test>", 0, 0, 0);
	xmlXPathContextPtr ctxt = xmlXPathNewContext(doc);
	exsltDateXpathCtxtRegister(ctxt, (xmlChar*)"date");
		xmlXPathObjectPtr result =
xmlXPathEval((xmlChar*)"date:seconds(/test)", ctxt);
		/* result->floatval is 1227312000.0 */

Useful when implementing the same functionality in the host language
would be difficult and error prone.


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