Re: [xslt] Why is an invalid stylesheet parameter value not an error?

You could always use an XSD to validate it after the XSLT processing.
 - Anthony

On Tue, 2008-04-15 at 13:56 +0200, Stefan Behnel wrote:
> Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> > On 2008-04-15 12:33:42 +0200, Stefan Behnel wrote:
> >> What could be wrong in telling the user that he/she made a mistake
> >> instead of hiding the problem that was discovered during XSLT
> >> evaluation and that lead to an incorrect result?
> > 
> > How can a XSLT processor read in the user's mind?
> Well, it stops processing, so it's actually the XSLT processor that decides
> that something has happened that does not allow it to continue its work
> correctly. But then, it returns the half-completed result to the user as if
> nothing unusual happened.
> Now, imagine the "user" is not a human being who knows how to read and
> interpret text messages, but instead is a program that wants to know if the
> result is the correct and complete result of the transformation, or if it
> needs to do something special about it. I would like to know how to take
> exactly this decision in a reasonably efficient way, without a major impact on
> the error-free success case.
> Stefan
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