Re: [xslt] Why is an invalid stylesheet parameter value not an error?

Stefan Behnel wrote:
> So an invalid value for a stylesheet parameter will stop processing but will
> not signal an error in "state", which is explicitly reset from ERROR to
> STOPPED here. Is that correct?

To generalise this question somewhat: there seem to be a lot of places in the
source that call xsltTransformError(), which sets ctxt->state to
XSLT_STATE_ERROR, and then reset the status to _STOPPED. Other places in the
source then check for _STOPPED for a cascading abort.

So, general question: when an xsltTransformError() was written, there usually
was an error, so why not just keep the _ERROR state in this case and check for
(ctxt->state != XSLT_STATE_OK) for a cascading abort?

That would allow users to determine errors simply by checking the result state
of the transformation context.

Remaining part of the original question: how can I find out that there was an
error as long as the above behaviour is not in place?


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