Re: [xslt] Bug, top-level elements outside the XSLT namespace must be ignored

On Tue, Apr 01, 2008 at 11:37:18PM -0500, Karl O. Pinc wrote:
> Hello,
> I believe I've found a bug.  Please enlighten me if I'm wrong, I'm not
> yet steeped in xml/xslt/etc.

  just a quick answer, yes i think you are right and libxslt might be
wrong here, i didn't check further yet.

> Top-level elements not in the XSLT namespace must be ignored, but
> they're not.
> Technically, in the xmnls:x="x", the "x" is not an absolute URI
> (RFC3986, section 3, 'the scheme and path components are
> required, though the path may be empty', see also section 4.3).
> According to
> Namespaces in XML 1.0 (Second Edition), Section 2.2: 'The use of
> relative URI references, including same-document references, in
> namespace declarations is deprecated.  Note: This deprecation of
> relative URI references was decided on by a W3C XML Plenary Ballot
> [Relative URI deprecation]. It also declares that "later
> specifications such as DOM, XPath, etc. will define no interpretation
> for them".'
> So, for the example to be valid, the attribute declaring the default
> namespace should be written: xmnls:x="x:".

  not a validation issue, a namespace conformance one, 'valid' really
means passing DTD validation and that's orthogonal to namespace.



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