Re: [xslt] Sometimes plain text output from cron

On 9/17/07, Ron Burk <ronburk hightechinfo com> wrote:
> What could possibly cause the plain
> text content of the input document to appear as output?

> Perhaps, if nothing matched at all? That would do it.

I think not; that would eliminate the plain text as well.

No, it wouldn't. The default template  rules  used even if there are no rules in the stylesheet would give me exactly the behavior I'm seeing. A stylesheet containing just an xsl:stylesheet element and nothing else produces exactly the plain text content of its input document.
You're right that I should look more closely at cron. The permissions is particularly a good idea.

Here's a thought: is xsltproc cannot read the stylesheet due to a permissions issue, will it use any sort of default? That sounds plausible. I don't know the internals of xsltproc, but perhaps it starts with an empty stylesheet and then fills it in with what it reads from the actual file. So if it can't read that file we might get the behavior I'm seeing? Is that plausible?

Elliotte Rusty Harold
erharold gmail com

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