Re: [xslt] Controlling EOL Convention with xsltproc

On Mon, Oct 08, 2007 at 10:32:26PM -0700, Ron Burk wrote:
> Despite some hours of study, I can't figure out
> whether any standard makes a statement about his
> or not, so maybe it's really not an xsltproc issue,
> but...
> Is there any way to control the end-of-line convention
> produced by xsltproc for output?

  hum, no...

> I'm using the latest
> Windows binaries, an xsl:output method of "text"
> (no 'encoding' I tried altered the outcome),
> and just can't figure out any way to convince the processor
> to produce LF-terminated lines instead of CR/LF-terminated
> lines.

  I would think internally it's LF only since the XML standard
asks to do that remapping, so it's a matter of how your OS ended
up saving an LF character sent to a file. The fact it takes the
liberty to change it silently is just a 'we know better than the
user' silliness embedded in the Windows legacy. 
  The text method use whould end up in xsltSaveResultTo with
an xmlOutputBufferPtr. How the xmlOutputBufferPtr was created depends
how you used xsltproc, I can't guess that ...


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