Re: [xslt] I/O error : Is a directory - error processing a DB book with docbook-xsl chunk stylesheet

On Wed, Nov 21, 2007 at 06:55:20PM +0100, Daniel Leidert wrote:
> Hi libxslt authors,
> Some time ago I already reported this issue [1], but it seems I forgot
> to examine it further. Today I got a private mail about the same problem
> so I decided to find a testcase to debug the problem and I was able to
> create a very short example, that fails for me with an I/O.
> Can you please be so kind to take a look at it and verify, if it's a bug
> in libxslt? In this case I would open a bug report. Please follow these
> steps after saving the attached files:
> mkdir built-doc
> xsltproc --output ./built-doc/ book.xsl book.xml
> The result for me is:
> Writing ch01.html for chapter
> Writing index.html for book
> I/O error : Is a directory
> I/O error : Is a directory

  Can you run with -v to see what it is trying to do at that point.
Clearly if for some reason the stylesheet ends up with a main output
document and not just chunks, then by specifying a directory libxslt
would try to save to it, and since it's a directory well you would
get those kind of errors.

> The problem seems to be related to the --output option and the doctype-*
> attributes of xsl:output, because if you don't use --output option or
> remove the doctype-* attributes, then the example does not fail.

  Maybe the doctype-* attributes force the presence of a DTD node so
the main document is not empty and you get the error, that does not 
sound wrong. What you want to do is set doctypes for the chunks, and
that should be done on the exslt:document element and not on the
main stylesheet output definition.


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