Re: [xslt] I/O error : Is a directory - error processing a DB book withdocbook-xsl chunk stylesheet

Bob Stayton wrote:

[I/O error - xsltproc error 11]
> Well, the usage statement for xsltproc says the --output option takes a 
> filename, and doesn't mention a directory name.

It accepts a directory. Quoting the manpage:

[..] For multiple outputs, also known as "chunking", -o  directory/ 
directs the output files to a specified directory. The directory must
already exist. [..]

Giving a directory must be RFC compliant (in this case ending with a slash, AFAIK and IIRC a discussion with Daniel Veillard).

> If your intention is to 
> chunk into the built-doc directory, then use the DocBook stylesheet 
> parameter named "base.dir" to specify that directory, as in
> --stringparam base.dir built-doc/

This could be a temporary workaround.

Regards, Daniel
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