Re: [xslt] Problems with XMI processing (namespace declarations)

Peter Howard wrote:

<XMI xmi.version = '1.2' xmlns:UML = 'org.omg.xmi.namespace.UML'
xmlns:UML2 = 'org.omg.xmi.namespace.UML2' timestamp = 'Fri Dec 15
12:13:05 CET 2006'>
then the matches work. Is the output from Poseidon legal?  If so, why
won't xsltproc match with it's declaration?

It is my interpretation that the Poseidon output is not legal.

The namespace must be a valid URI [1], which means that it must be
preceeded by a scheme name followed by a colon, e.g. "http:" or "ftp:".
In the above case it looks like they are using URNs [2], in which case
the scheme is "urn:", so the correct namespace for UML should be



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