Re: [xslt] xsltproc: endless loop with 'element include: XInclude error : bla contains invalid char'

Am Sonntag, den 11.02.2007, 19:28 -0800 schrieb William M. Brack:

[endless loop: XInclude error : ... contains invalid char]
> Certainly looks as if there's a problem - could you please confirm the
> problem is present with the latest release (libxslt-1.1.20), and if it
> is, open a bug (including sample files to reproduce the problem)?

I'm Debian user and Debian is in freeze, so I don't know, when I will
have time to package this version on my own or when it reaches Debian
Sid or Experimental. But if you want, you can try to reproduce it
yourself. I attached the necessary files (the tarball contains a
directory test_infinite_loop/ with all files. cd into it and run `make
out.xml'). Can you reproduce it?

Regards, Daniel

Attachment: testcase.tar.gz
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