Re: AW: AW: [xslt] Extension module initialization is called for everyimported stylesheet

Hallo Kasimier,

On Thu, 4 May 2006 15:13:02 +0200
"Buchcik, Kasimier" <k buchcik 4commerce de> wrote:

> The compilation of extension elements is currently done via
> the registration of the extension element callbacks - this won't change.
> Or do you refer to an other mechanism? If yes, then please explain this
> mechanism.

Oh, sorry, I wrote my extension module a year ago, and have forgotted
details. I've looked into the source code and found that I indeed use the
extension element callback, not some other mechanism.

> It's already heavy-metal for me to refactor while preserving
> the current behaviour in this section.

If you have some time, try XSieve before and after refactoring as an
representative of an extension module.

> So every information about
> custom usage is greatly appreciated!
> [...]
> Regards,
> Kasimier

Oleg Parashchenko  olpa@  XML news in Russian  Generative Programming, XML, TeX, Scheme
XSieve at XTech 2006:

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