AW: AW: [xslt] Extension module initialization is called for everyimported stylesheet


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> Von: Oleg A. Paraschenko [mailto:olpa xmlhack ru] 


> In addition to user-defined data, there is a possible need to 
> pre-compile
> extension elements. While refactoring, please retain this possibility.

The compilation of extension elements is currently done via
the registration of the extension element callbacks - this won't change.

Example (in extensions.c):

xsltRegisterExtModuleElement((const xmlChar *) "test",
  (const xmlChar *) XSLT_DEFAULT_URL,
  xsltExtElementPreCompTest, <-- the pre-compilation callback
  xsltExtElementTest);       <-- the execution callback

Or do you refer to an other mechanism? If yes, then please explain this
mechanism. It's already heavy-metal for me to refactor while preserving
the current behaviour in this section. So every information about
custom usage is greatly appreciated!




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