AW: AW: [xslt] Extension module initialization is called for everyimported stylesheet


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> Von: Oleg A. Paraschenko [mailto:olpa xmlhack ru] 
> Hello Kasimier,
> On Wed, 3 May 2006 13:28:57 +0200
> "Buchcik, Kasimier" <k buchcik 4commerce de> wrote:


> > With xsltRegisterExtModuleTopLevel() you can register such
> > top-level user-defined data elements to be processed.
> I hope it's a good idea. Would you please give more details? 
> What is the
> order of execution of the top-level data elements? Can I implement
> the "destructor" of a stylesheet -- something that is executed after
> applying templates?

Let's do it the other way round: how should a callback sequence look
like to fullfill your requirements? At which point do you need to
execute such a "destructor" (and possibly a "constructor")? Please
take imported stylesheets (with a deep-first order of processing) into
account as well here.



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