Re: [xslt] Any interest in an alternative syntax for XSLT?

Daniel Veillard writes:
>  Okay, that looks small, but using yacc is a problem, especially for code
>in a library (not all bison/yacc allow to link twice code generated, barring
>other code from using it, can be a serious problem), plus in general I
>don't trust yacc to work well with unicode, and you need full unicode support
>when dealing with XSLT.

I use bison and "%pure_parser", so linking shouldn't be an issue.

>So independantly of the syntax that would be 
>a problem. I assume SLAX should handle the same ranges of characters (and
>encoding) as the underlying XML model and implementation, right ?

I don't handle unicode, but this is my fault, not bison's.  Bison
will traffic whatever YYSTYPE you define.  slax uses a structure
for YYSTYPE, which includes a pointer to the string.  I need to
check with the character encoding scheme as I build these strings.
I don't do this currently, but will fix it.


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