Re: [xslt] Any interest in an alternative syntax for XSLT?

Daniel Veillard writes:
>  Something like posting to xml-dev and see what is happening.

Sounds reasonable.  Will do.

>  Assuming it was the case, how long would you help maintain the module
>code ? 

O(years).  I wrote the code over a year ago, and it's shipped as
an EFT feature for nearly a year.  I've been w/ my current company
going on eight years, and want to see this succeed.  That said, no
one can predict the future.

FYI: here's some size info on the code (wc -l):

     161 slaxInternals.h
    1615 slaxloader.c
    1673 slaxparser.y
    1196 slaxwriter.c
    4645 total

slaxloader.c and slaxwriter.c include simple unit-test oriented main()
function (#ifdef UNIT_TEST).


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