[xslt] [ANN] XSLPalette - free XSLT debugger for Mac OS X

Dear libxslt list, I'm proud to announce a new product based on libxslt:
XSLPalette — The free, native XSLT debugging palette your favorite Mac OS X text editor has been missing.


XSLPalette is a floating, non-activating palette that will integrate well with your favorite text editor (like BBEdit, or TextMate). XSLPalette adds the following to your text editor:

- Ability to select XML source documents and XSLT stylehseets created in your editor of choice and execute your XSLT transformation from the XSLPalette UI. - View intuitive error messages, <xsl:message>s, and other diagnostic info in the XSLPalette console tab.
- Ability to specify global <xsl:param>s from the UI for dynamic XSLT.
- View result of your transformation as raw text, a pretty DHTML tree view (when appropriate), or a rendered HTML page (when appropriate). - Save your document and param settings as .xslpalette documents for opening later. - Support for much of EXSLT including regexp:replace and regexp:test (not supported by libxslt).

Try it out and send feedback!

Todd Ditchendorf

Scandalous Software - Cocoa Developer Tools

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