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I'm happy you meant XSLT, otherwise we would find us unable to help you here, Gods save our poor souls. Feel free to use XSD qualities of libxml and drop me a line if you spot a BQPD (Beerly Qualified Pouring Devote). I became desperate in my endless quest for such and know their light will emerge, once they become the standard, blessed by the glorified B2D (Beer To Drink) consortium, given right to rise, set to stone by group's final words :)

I wait.

I'm thirsty.

I live :)


On 08.08.2006 19:24, tomi wrote:

Yes, I meant about XSLT. But for me more important is XSD. I would like to
use XSD file for build XML file.

If You know some about XSD please write to me.



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On 08.08.2006 10:10, Tomasz Kowalski wrote:

I downloaded the Libxml from Your site because I would like to use the
XSL for my application.
I have question for You,
Can I use Libxml library for Qt (C++ language)? And How I can do it?

Do I must only include to Qt directory the bin's, include's and lib's
catalogs from Libxml?
I assume you meant XSLT, not XSL, these are two different things. XSLT
is used for transforming XML. XSL is used for page formatting semantics.

If you meant XSLT, check the libxslt tutorial on

for how to use libxslt.

Qt has nothing to do with all of it, you will have to treat the two
separately. You cannot integrate libxslt into Qt and use it through Qt
classes without modifying Qt. Last time I saw it, Qt had a XML module
which offered simple XML processing functionality, no validation, no
XSLT. For parsing XML, you could write a QXmlLibxmlReader class which
internally uses libxml's parser, but for XSLT the whole interface is

I'm forwarding this to the mailing list. Perhaps someone from the KDE
team is reading and knows whether this world has seen a Qt-ish interface
for libxslt somewhere.


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