Re: [xslt] Xinclude from python

On Wed, Aug 02, 2006 at 09:50:32PM +0200, Bidoul, Stéphane wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> I'm looking into your patch to enable xinclude.
> My question is: how do I obtain a transformCtxt?
> There is xsltNewTransformContext in transform.c, but this is now skipped by BTW, that's also the reason why setXIncludeDefault is not available in anymore and it explain why complains when you try to enable xinclude.
> What should I do? Re-enable the transform module in, or move the functions to some other module (I guess not), or is there another way to obtain a transformCtxt?

  Is the fact that transformation conext not available from python:
   1/ just because we never added support ?
   2/ because this is failing now for some obscure reason ?
   3/ because we decided not provide access at that level ?

If 1/ then it seems tis should b added as a new class and make sure 
the proper methods are generated. If 2/ fix it. If 3/ then maybe we
need to revisit this because we really need to keep fine grained control
of the transformation process, even at the Python level.

  Now I can't remember, I assume 2/, I though this was accessible,
can't from memory be positive which one it is. Or maybe I misunderstood
something :-)


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