Re: [xslt] Trouble with EXSLT 'function' element

"William M. Brack" wrote:

> two different kinds of "extension elements".  The "function"
> element is what is sometimes called a "top-level" (i.e. may
> only appear as a child of the stylesheet, and not within a
> template) element.  In xslt terminology, this means it is *not*
> an extension element (which can only be within a template).
> This subject has been discussed at length on various mailing
> lists, and I have absolutely no interest in getting involved
> with it :-).  I will only conclude by noting that the fact it
> doesn't appear within the "Registered Extension Elements" is
> not a bug, but rather by design.

  Ok, I understand now.  Thanks for the explanation.  Personnaly
I think it's a little disturbing when having problem with
'func:function' to not see it in the '--dumpextensions' output.
Maybe the top-level extension elements ("extension" by
functionality, not by definition) can be displayed separately in
the '--dumpextensions' output.

  Thanks for your help,



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