Re: [xslt] Re: [xml] xsltproc segfaults under windows

On Sat, Jan 22, 2005 at 06:28:25PM -0500, Joel Reed wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 22, 2005 at 08:06:33PM +0100, Igor Zlatkovic wrote:
> > Joel Reed wrote:
> > >I reproduce it using libxml2-2.6.17 and libxslt-1.1.12
> > >with the command:
> > >                                                                            
> > >  xsltproc -v function.1.xsl function.1.xml  
> > >
> > >run in the tests/exslt/function directory. I was more looking for
> > >pointers as to where to start looking though so I could look myself.
> > >
> > >it only seems to be an issue on windows.
> > 
> > An issue on someone else's Windows, perhaps :)
> i've done some more research on this issue with a new windows box.
> it only happens for me if i compile libxml2 and libxslt with 
> cruntime=/MT. if i using cruntime=/MD it does not happen.

i've got a fix for this, will make a patch asap.
basically its a makefile bug.

in libxml2, if you say cruntime=/MT or /MTd or /ML or /MLd, 
then we need to link .exe's with static version of libxml.

otherwise libxml2.dll and xmllint.exe would, for example, each would
have their own copy of CRT global vars/tables, etc. and segfaults
happen quickly with things like stdio functions.



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