Re: [xslt] BUGs introduced in bugfix releases???

On Tue, Apr 05, 2005 at 11:57:31PM +0200, Christian Parpart wrote:
> Now, the debug-02 line, I'm expecting the output "[1]" but I get "[0]", that 
> is, that it obviousely did anything wrong inside the document() function. I 
> used ngrep to sniff the network traffic between the apache module and the 
> internal request to itself (the webserver) and saw, that I simply removed 
> the ?name=trapni part from the URL. That's definitely a bug.

   this is a duplicate of

> Now, downgrading to the version I specified above worked well. So, the bug 
> must be on your side (somewhere).
> Ah, I obviousely forgot to say, that the bug obviousely only occurs on my 
> devbox that is an Athlon64 (completely in/for 64bit mode compiled) and it 
> doesn't seem to occur on my AthlonMP server (being 32bit though).

  might be worth adding to the bug report.


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