[xslt] patch - xsltAttrListTemplateProcess

Ok, this one is going to be a little hard to explain because I have been unable
to come up with a simple test case.  xsltApplyOneTemplate was crashing (invalid
pointer) around line 1837 ( xmlFreeDoc(tmp); ) where it is freeing up the
tmpRVTs created in that template.

xmlFreeDoc was eventually dieing while freeing a xmlAttrPtr because the
xmlAttrPtr->doc pointer was invalid on a .  It actually died in xmlDictOwns
which accesses xmlAttrPtr->doc->dict which was invalid.

I traced the problem down th xsltAttrListTemplateProcess.  It creates an
xmlAttrPtr by calling xsltAttrTemplateProcess.  The new xmlAttrPtr (q) has it's
parent set to target but the doc set to ctxt->output, which may not be the same
as the target->doc.  As an attribute's document and the attribute's parent
element's document would always be the same the patch changes that.  The
ctxt->output document must not still exist when the tmpRVTs are destroyed in
this case.

Sorry I couldn't come up with a regression test case but it's a nasty
stylesheet that causes this and any attempts to simplify eliminated the crash. 
Hopefully a good eyeballing will be enough to confirm the patch.

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