[xslt] xslt documentation contribution

I have been using libxslt for transforming various XML documents in my employer (an investment bank based in Athens, Greece). For the benefit of other programmers there
I wrote an extended tutorial on libxslt. The tutorial concerns writing a simple application
that performs XSLT transforms in a pipe-like manner; i.e., a series of transformations
are applied one after the other in the documents to be transformed.

The tutorial is largely based on the existing tutorial by John Fleck, but had to grow more
analytic in some parts, especially in compiling/linking procedures in *NIX and MS-Windows.

If people think it might be helpful to other programmers as well, perhaps it could be added
to the existing documentation in the libxslt site. Daniel noted that perhaps John might prefer
to merge both tutorials---the two programs are different, though.



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