[xslt] Typo in transform.c??

Hi - I'm using libxslt 1.1.10 in an application & setting my own error
handler via xsltSetGenericErrorFunc. I'm finding, however, that if
errors occur when I call xsltApplyStylesheetUser, the context is set
to NULL. This appears to be because calls to xsltGenericError in
transform.c are using xsltGenericDebugContext as the context parameter
rather than xsltGenericErrorContext (which is used everywhere else in
libxslt). Is this a bug?

On a related note - I provoked a compilation error during a call to
xsltParseStylesheetDoc by changing the <xsl:stylesheet> element to
<xsl:stalesheet> - I'm testing my error handling, as I'm not using a
fixed set of stylesheets. This caused a message to be generated with
the words 'compilation error' in. However, this was indicated as a
warning rather than an error in the returned stylesheet structure
(i.e. the warnings member was incremented rather than the error
member). Is this by design? If so, what mechanism is there for
detected compilation errors? Or should I treat the warning count as if
it were an error count?

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