Re: [xslt] Problem with creating namespace in the stylesheet

Petr Novak wrote:

I can create it by (I have defined XML namespace alias as a "xslo"):
<xsl:template match="/">
	<xslo:stylesheet xmlns:netopeer="";>

In that case xmlns:netopeer is namespace declaration.

		<xsl:attribute name="xmlns:netopeer">

In that case you want to create attribute named xmlns:netopeer. This is forbidden as xmlns is reserved for namespace declaration. The point is that namespace declaration is not the same thing as attribute even if it uses same syntax.

Is it possible to create as a output the XSLT stylesheet with some
namespace? (Not if namespace is defined in the processed XSLO stylesheet)

You probably want to create some elements or attributes in a given namespace. So go ahead and create such element and attributes. XSLT processor will add all necessary namespace declarations for you.


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