Re: [xslt] date:time($some) strange result

В сб, 16/10/2004 в 20:07 -0500, Charles Bozeman пишет:

> > Another question, have tried to find exslt function that will display
> > time (HH:MM:SS) and have not found such function,  only format-date() on
> > XSLT itself.
> > 
> > May be I miss something ?
> I don't see any exslt function that directly gives you time in HH:MM:SS
> only format. The EXSLT web site shows an implementation of format-date()
> in exslt functions; you might want to try that one.

Yes, I've seen this implementation. But, frankly speaking, - I am not
happy with string parsing on xslt, keeping in mind that I going to
display long log-file with date in each line, XSLT-base format-date,
probably, will have significant performance impact.

I've implemented strftime() as XSL extension function, it also solves
localization problems.

> > > Charlie B.

Vladimir B. Grebenschikov
SWsoft Inc. vova sw-soft com

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