Re: libxml2 regression test, Was: Re: [xslt] Nodeset in extensions

Peter Breitenlohner said:
> On Sat, 10 Jan 2004, Daniel Veillard wrote:
>> Maybe I'm wrong. We take patches. Make 100% sure that:
>>     1/ you compiled libxml2 and libxslt with
>>        memory debug enabled
>>     2/ all the regression tests still pass without deviation
>>        or memory leak
> Hi Daniel,
> I have built various versions of libxml2 and libxslt over the past 2
> years,
> and I always did
> 	'configure;make;make check;make DESTDIR=<somewhere> install'
> In the regression tests for libxslt there used to be lots of more or
> less
> suspicious differences, but they have disappeared with
> libxslt-1.1.0.
> For libxlm2 (2.6.4) there are, however, two suspicious differences
> left.
> Attached the relevant fragment of the output resulting from 'make
> check'.
> Any comments?
> One more question: 'make check' outside the source tree (i.e. with
> didn't work so well, which caused me to do the build in a symlinked
> tree
> (created with X11's lndir). Has this situation changed?
> regards
> Peter Breitenlohner <>

I can confirm that "make check" outside the source tree directory
doesn't currently work.  We are working (very slowly) toward fixing
the build files (the files in the various
subdirectories) to be more friendly to builds from outside the tree
but, frankly, that task is at a relatively very low priority. 
However, as for the rest of the library, patches are always welcome.


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