Re: [xslt] JavaScript support in libxslt?

Thanks for the swift reply, Daniel,

Daniel Veillard <> wrote:
>    - technical: adding a hard dependancy on mozilla or javascript 
>      package is ruled out, using dynamic loading, if portable, then
>      why not.

So it is not supported, and no one is planning such a thing. The thing
is that since PHP now comes with LibXML istead of Sablotron, and all
those applicatons can't be used for PHP 5.0, unless re-compiled for
the Sablotron parser. Just a hassle for us who don't distribute PHP
with our applications; we can't reply on people simply installing PHP
themselves cleanly anymore.

>    - philosophical: as you experienced, as soon as you mix the XSLT
>      language and another one it's not portable anymore, it really
>      depends how it is done, and so far I'm not too convinced by any
>      attempt like xsl:script, using extension functions and elements
>      on the other hand is relatively clean.

Oh, there are many ways of doing things, of course, but having JS as
part of the transformation in xsl:script is sometimes a godsent when
you're dealing with rapid development and prototyping, and of course
re-distribution of applications; it dramatically cuts down on install
and configure problems, for one. And, as you already have support for
Python, why not a more general link-in to support others? Sablotron
has iconv and js1.5 support across several platforms, so it can be done.

Anyways, thanks for the reply.

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