Re: [xslt] JavaScript support in libxslt?

On Fri, Oct 31, 2003 at 10:32:45PM +1100, Alexander Johannesen wrote:
> Hi,
> Searched high and low (Google, to be exact) for information on how or
> if libxslt has got support for JavaScript, but found some messages
> indicating yes and some indicating no. With the Sablotron parser there
> were builds that had JacaScript 1.5 (Mozilla) compiled in, and I
> could use that to transform and fiddle with my data as part of the
> transformation. Needless to say, as my main project uses quite a bit
> of JavaScript for things not really meant to be done in XSLT, I'm
> wondering if it is supported or if it will be? And if, how?

  Not supported. There is support to write extension functions and
elements in Python, but not in JavaScript. The problem is mostly:
   - technical: adding a hard dependancy on mozilla or javascript package
     is ruled out, using dynamic loading, if portable, then why not.
   - philosophical: as you experienced, as soon as you mix the XSLT
     language and another one it's not portable anymore, it really
     depends how it is done, and so far I'm not too convinced by any
     attempt like xsl:script, using extension functions and elements
     on the other hand is relatively clean.


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