Re: [xslt] saxon:line-number()


>   You should not have to check how it is done, the call to xmlGetLineNo()
>will suffice.

:).  I meant to say, with all the reorganization that happened with with 
2.6, is anything *else* now using xmlNode->content for the element node 
type.  And if not, why can't it continue to be used so that the other memory 
in the struct can be used for other purposes.

>   The PSVI is for future datatype extensions, it is not a generic
>metadata access mechanism, nor a field available for user data.
>I think adding an hashtable per node is just insanely expensive.

Right, I understand your intent with PSVI.  I was asking if an 
xmlHashTablePtr could also be added for metadata.  Obviously, it wouldn't be 
allocated unless a call to a setter/getter was made...


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