Re: [xslt] saxon:line-number()

On Mon, Nov 03, 2003 at 08:22:01AM -0600, Brett Kail wrote:
> Hello,
> >   You should not have to check how it is done, the call to xmlGetLineNo()
> >will suffice.
> :).  I meant to say, with all the reorganization that happened with with 
> 2.6, is anything *else* now using xmlNode->content for the element node 
> type.  And if not, why can't it continue to be used so that the other memory 
> in the struct can be used for other purposes.

  let's be cristal clear here. The field to use for user level information
added to an xmlNode is _private and nothing else. Any other field will be
used at some point by libxml2 or libxslt and if you used it you will have
to rewrite your code because it will break at some point. Do not mess with
that or I guarantee I will break your code in the future.


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