RE: [xslt] Mac OS X Binaries Available

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> Sent: Wednesday, May 21, 2003 2:03 AM
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> Subject: Re: [xslt] Mac OS X Binaries Available
> > One note: the HTTP download of the .dmg, is not sent with 
> the proper 
> > mime-type so it fails in Mozilla. Either add the correct 
> mime-type to 
> > apache configuration, or potentially to the link, or make 
> it a .bin file 
> > (that's what apple often does).
> It works for me ;-)

That doesn't mean it's right.  Simon says the mime-type header is wrong; if
he's right, why not fix it?  (I'm not saying he is right, mind you, but
you're in a position to know.)  You've gone to some trouble to provide a
worthwhile service, and it seems a pity (and most un-Mac-like) to stop short
of making it as easy to use as possible, especially if the fix is easy.

The idea, so prevalent on the 'net, that it's OK for things to be wrong if
they work with the author's tools is pernicious.  If things are done
correctly, they'll work with any well-implemented tool, whether or not the
author has seen them.  If they're not done correctly, it's anybody's guess
what will happen.  Look at the mess the hacks have made of the Web, largely
thanks to the permissiveness of browsers like IE.

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