Re: [xslt] Mac OS X Binaries Available

S Woodside wrote:
> Sweet :)  I've been thinking about making an OS X app that uses XSLT, 
> this would make that much easier I think.

That's the idea... I distribute my tkxmllint and tkxsltproc applications
using these embeddable frameworks.

> One note: the HTTP download of the .dmg, is not sent with the proper 
> mime-type so it fails in Mozilla. Either add the correct mime-type to 
> apache configuration, or potentially to the link, or make it a .bin file 
> (that's what apple often does).

It works for me ;-)  I tested on a machine using MS IE
and Safari.  Both browsers download, uncompress and mount the disk image
with a single click.  Mozilla doesn't appear to be configured
to handle gzipped dmgs in the same way, but you can always
save to disk and mount it separately from the Finder.

Steve Ball

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