Re: [xslt] Mac OS X Binaries Available

Sweet :)  I've been thinking about making an OS X app that uses XSLT, 
this would make that much easier I think.

One note: the HTTP download of the .dmg, is not sent with the proper 
mime-type so it fails in Mozilla. Either add the correct mime-type to 
apache configuration, or potentially to the link, or make it a .bin 
file (that's what apple often does).


On Tuesday, May 20, 2003, at 06:42  PM, Steve Ball wrote:

> Mac OS X binaries are now available for:
> 	libxml2 2.5.7
> 	libxslt 1.0.30
> See
> for downloading and further information.
> These binaries have been built as embeddable frameworks,
> unlike Fink's packages which install into a fixed location.
> Enjoy,
> Steve Ball

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