Re: [xslt] EXSLT regular expressions?

On Thu, Jun 26, 2003 at 01:33:20PM -0400, Bruce R Miller wrote:
> Noel Bush wrote:
> > Is anyone planning to (or in the process of) implement(ing) support for
> > EXSLT regular expressions in libxslt? If not, could somebody possibly
> > indicate very roughly what amount of work would be involved in this?
> I had a naive peek at the subject awhile back, but didn't get anywhere.
> Short of writing a regexp package from scratch, the catch is to find
> an library that supports
>    (1) Unicode,
>    (2) an appropriate regexp language (the EXSLT spec calls for "Javascript
>      regular expression syntax" -- I haven't yet compared where that
>      might differ from others; perl style, etc)
>    (3) supports both matching and substitution.
> In the meantime, Daniel has added (at least partial) support for schema,
> which requires regexp matching.  I don't know if it supports (2) & (3),
> but if it did, that would be the ideal route.

  yes and yes, but it probably lack some of the interfaces you would need.
so far the only interface is to test a string against a regexp.


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