Re: [xslt] EXSLT regular expressions?

Noel Bush wrote:
> Is anyone planning to (or in the process of) implement(ing) support for
> EXSLT regular expressions in libxslt? If not, could somebody possibly
> indicate very roughly what amount of work would be involved in this?

I had a naive peek at the subject awhile back, but didn't get anywhere.
Short of writing a regexp package from scratch, the catch is to find
an library that supports
   (1) Unicode,
   (2) an appropriate regexp language (the EXSLT spec calls for "Javascript
     regular expression syntax" -- I haven't yet compared where that
     might differ from others; perl style, etc)
   (3) supports both matching and substitution.

In the meantime, Daniel has added (at least partial) support for schema,
which requires regexp matching.  I don't know if it supports (2) & (3),
but if it did, that would be the ideal route.

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