Re: [xslt] segfaults & limits

On Tue, Jun 10, 2003 at 07:34:40PM +0200, P.van Kemenade wrote:
> Hi
> we've been building quite a complex system with libxslt in python;
> lately, we're running into more and more segfaults. they seem pretty
> arbitrary: adding or removing some random text or nodes in any of the
> stylesheets or xml involved usually makes a difference :-) which is 
> scary.

  I can't really do anything with such a report honnestly. Avoid node-set()
and exslt extension which makes dynamic tree or value set, this part
is nearly impossible to stabilize w.r.t. memory allocation problems.

> so I wonder,
> is there any documentation on the global limits of libxslt:
> how many stylesheets can it include or import,

  limited by available memory

> how large can > parameters or variables be,

  limited by available memory, but the number of top level parameters
of xsltproc is limited to MAX_PARAMETERS = 64

> and how would I notice when it
> hits those limits ?

  memory allocation error message reported by the standard error interface.


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