Re: [xslt] segfaults & limits


thanks for your reponse

>> lately, we're running into more and more segfaults.
>   I can't really do anything with such a report honnestly.
I know, sorry :-) your response is very helpfull though.

> Avoid node-set()
> and exslt extension which makes dynamic tree or value set, this part
> is nearly impossible to stabilize w.r.t. memory allocation problems.

okay .. you mean rather avoid exsl: and (exsl:node-set()) alltogether ?
or just the exsl:node-set() ?

I am always confused as to when I really _need_ a exsl:node-set(), and
may have typed some that weren't necessary but caused no harm.

would the document() function be a good alternative in some cases,
or might that be just as unstable ?

I'm trying to reproduce the errors in a smaller (testcase) situation, 
I had no clue where to start .. I'll start with node-set() then.


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