Re: Fix linking of libxsltbreakpoint (Re: [xslt] Release oflibxslt-1.0.31)

Daniel Veillard <> writes:

>> >   Eh, thanks, but honnestly I don't really see why :-)

The patch makes 'gambas' compile.

>> > libxsltbreakpoint is an empty library, its content was completely removed as
>> > it was deprecated, I just kept it around to ensure binary compatibility.
>> > It just exports the deprecated function entry points, nothing should really
>> > link against it, it's an empty nutshell.

Then our gambas maintainer (Adrian) obviously did the right think, but
he thought it would just a work around: linking directly against

>   *nothing* should link against libxsltbreakpoint. If they do there is
> an error which need to be fixed. That's why I'm raising the red flag
> about this.

I will ask Adrian for more info; I guess it's the best to ignore my
patch for the moment.

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