Re: Fix linking of libxsltbreakpoint (Re: [xslt] Release oflibxslt-1.0.31)

On Wed, 9 Jul 2003, Daniel Veillard wrote:

> On Wed, Jul 09, 2003 at 04:29:04PM +0200, Karl Eichwalder wrote:
> [...]
> > -libxsltbreakpoint_la_LDFLAGS = -version-info @LIBXSLTBREAK_VERSION_INFO@
> > +libxsltbreakpoint_la_LDFLAGS = -version-info @LIBXSLTBREAK_VERSION_INFO@ $(top_builddir)/libxslt/
>   Eh, thanks, but honnestly I don't really see why :-)
> libxsltbreakpoint is an empty library, its content was completely removed as
> it was deprecated, I just kept it around to ensure binary compatibility.
> It just exports the deprecated function entry points, nothing should really
> link against it, it's an empty nutshell.

All the above may be true, BUT the shared version
does contain the deprecated entrypoints that have undefined external to be
resolved via libxslt->libxml2. Thus, on a (linux-gnu) system with shared libs,
	gcc /usr/local/lib/
fails without Karl Eichwalder's patch but (sort of) succeeds with that patch
(fails since there is no main program).

Moreover, whoever links against libxsltbreakpoint most probably also needs
libxslt, so why not code this dependency into the library (resp. the .la file).

Conclusion: I fully support Karl Eichwalder's patch (apart the fact that
maybe the whole question obsoletes itself together with libxsltbreakpoint).

Peter Breitenlohner <>

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