Re: [xslt] Are curly braces XSLT conformant?

>   Hum, it's possible there is some bugs left there.

 I have just opened a new bug report (including saxon output).

> >  <e a="{$x"/>         <e a="{$x"/>       <e a="{$x"/>        OK
>   hum, I think this should generate an error. so not OK

 This is the only case where I do not agree with Saxon: the
 reccomendation explicitly states that a single RIGHT bracket
 is an error. What about a left bracket?

> >  <e a="{{$x}"/>       <e a="{$x"/>       error               __
>    unclear, the first { is escaped, then is } matching necessary ?

 It is an error since the left { is escaped and thus the right bracket
 is unbalanced.
> >  <e a="{$x}}"/>       <e a="v}"/>        error               __
>    I don't see an error here, maybe except the last } might be escaped.

 The right bracket is escaped and thus the left bracket is unbalanced.
 Is this an error? The reccomendation is unclear here. [ It is an
 error for saxon. ]


Real name: Claudio Sacerdoti Coen
PhD Student in Computer Science at University of Bologna

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