Re: [xslt] Are curly braces XSLT conformant?

On Tue, Jul 01, 2003 at 06:40:03PM +0200, Claudio Sacerdoti Coen wrote:
>  Dear Daniel,
>  I am no longer sure that libxslt (version 10030) handling of curly braces
>  in element attributes is comformant to XSLT 1.0, Section 7.6.2:

  Hum, it's possible there is some bugs left there.

>  Stylesheet:          Output:             Should be (???):   Conclusion(???):
>  <e a="$x"/>          <e a="$x"/>        <e a="$x"/>         OK
>  <e a="{$x"/>         <e a="{$x"/>       <e a="{$x"/>        OK

  hum, I think this should generate an error. so not OK

>  <e a="$x}"/>         <e a="$x}"/>       error               __

  hum, I think this should generate an error. so OK

>  <e a="{$x}"/>        <e a="v"/>         <e a="v"/>          OK
>  <e a="{{$x"/>        <e a="{{$x"/>      <e a="{$x"/>        __

  hum, right I probably missed the escaping

>  <e a="$x}}"/>        <e a="$x}}"/>      <e a="$x}"/>        __

   same here

>  <e a="{{$x}"/>       <e a="{$x"/>       error               __

   unclear, the first { is escaped, then is } matching necessary ?

>  <e a="{$x}}"/>       <e a="v}"/>        error               __

   I don't see an error here, maybe except the last } might be escaped.

>  <e a="{{$x}}"/>      <e a="{$x}"/>      <e a="{$x}"/>       OK
>  where $x = 'v'
>  The reccomendation is so confused that I am not exactly sure of
>  what the output should be. Thus the above table just reflects my
>  understanding and that of my colleagues. Can somebody confirm/reject
>  my examples?

  the best is 1/ to check this sample test with other processor, especially
Saxon 2/ to ask on the xsl-list (it's linked from the error reporting page),
most people aware of the spec can clean this up, and then fill a bug report
because there is certainly some parts libxslt doesn't implement properly.


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