[xslt] Case insensitivity for CVS repositiory


I'm stuck with a Cygwin box and a case-insensitive file system.  When
trying to checkout the latest CVS sources (libxslt-1.0.32) I get the
following error:

cvs [server aborted]: libxslt-xsltInternals.html,v is ambiguous; could
mean libxslt-xsltInternals.html,v or libxslt-xsltinternals.html,v

Can one of these files be removed from the repository so the ambiguity
can be resolved?  I've tried forcing the checkout of
libxslt-xsltInternals.html but cvs still complains about the ambiguity.
Does anyone know the magic words to resolve these kinds of ambiguities?


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