Re: [xslt] Applying templates from within a python extension element

On Sun, Aug 17, 2003 at 10:04:27PM -0400, lohanks wrote:
> First of all, thanks for adding the python binding for extension 
> elements in the last release.  I've found it very useful in a project of 
> mine.

  Well thanks Sean Treadway, he did the work.

>     When the patch was posted to this list last month, I saw mention of the
> issue of applying templates to elements contained by an extension elements.
> This is a feature I could really use.  Has any progress been made on this?
> Is there any way I could help?

  I didn't work on this. What is needed is basically to provide wrappers
for xsltApplyTemplates() from transform.c . This would require a little
of glue code to get the precomputed information from the template element
contained in your extension elements, some of the parameters obtained
in the callback for the extension will need to be passed too from python
when reentering the XSLT engine (trying to cache those in the bindings
glue layer is likely to generate trouble when recursing).
  I can't promise to work on this myself, maybe you or Sean can get this
to work, I would take patches and examples :-)


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