Re: [xslt] xsl:number level="multiple" bug

"William M. Brack" wrote:
> > > One quick question related to this:
> > > A couple of lines below my fix where you check the names of the nodes are
> > > equal you've got the following:
> > >
> > >        /* FIXME */
> > >        xmlStrEqual(preceding->name, ancestor->name)
> > >
> > > My fix borrows this bit of code for checking the name of the current node
> > > with the ancestor. What is wrong with this bit of code that might need
> > > fixing?
> >
> >   Hum, that part of the code is from William and Bjorn IIRC, I can't really
> > tell :-)
> I usually can't remember at all, much less correctly (old man, short memory
> :-) and this is no exception.  Possibly because the spec says the default
> value when count attribute is not present should match "if the current node
> has a name", and the code would not match if current node name were NULL,
> while ancestor was not?  Or possibly some enhancement is still required to
> correctly take care of names which come from different namespaces?   I hope
> Bjorn's memory has fewer dropouts than mine...

In this particular case I actually do remember (but don't let that be any
indication of the number of my memory dropouts :)

The FIXME comment is equivalent to the FIXME comment some 20 lines above,
which says

  /* FIXME: must use expanded-name instead of local name */

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