Re: [xslt] xsl:number level="multiple" bug

> > One quick question related to this:
> > A couple of lines below my fix where you check the names of the nodes
> > equal you've got the following:
> >
> >        /* FIXME */
> >        xmlStrEqual(preceding->name, ancestor->name)
> >
> > My fix borrows this bit of code for checking the name of the current
> > with the ancestor. What is wrong with this bit of code that might need
> > fixing?
>   Hum, that part of the code is from William and Bjorn IIRC, I can't
> tell :-)

I usually can't remember at all, much less correctly (old man, short memory
:-) and this is no exception.  Possibly because the spec says the default
value when count attribute is not present should match "if the current node
has a name", and the code would not match if current node name were NULL,
while ancestor was not?  Or possibly some enhancement is still required to
correctly take care of names which come from different namespaces?   I hope
Bjorn's memory has fewer dropouts than mine...


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