[xslt] <xsl:output media-type="some-other-mime-type" />

I have been looking at xslt.c specifically the function

void xsltParseStylesheetOutput(xsltStylesheetPtr style, xmlNodePtr cur)

and I have a question:
Is there a specific reason that the media-type attribute is ignored/not
Since I use it/intend to use it a lot to server wap pages, it would be
very nice to have.

If indeed this is just an oversight (and since this works for me it
might be) why not add something like:

prop = xsltGetNsProp(cur, (const xmlChar *) "media-type",
if (prop != NULL) {
  if (style->mediaType) xmlFree(style->mediaType);
  style->mediaType = NULL;
  style->mediaType = prop;

somewhere around line 656 of xlst.c

Any feedback will be appreciated.


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