Re: [xslt] Segfault when using xsldbg on empty attribute sets

On Fri, Jul 12, 2002 at 04:18:38PM +0000, Keith Isdale wrote:
> I've found a bug in the code contributed a while a go. xsldbg crashes when it
> sees something like the following in the "XSLT" file
> This was caused by me not expecting a user to supply an empty atribute set.
> Which is frequently done in docbook xsl :-( . Attatched is a patch to fix
> this. I've attatched an updated files from xsldbg, test6.xsl and test6.xml,
> which when you use the "trace" command in xsldbg would have caused the
> problem to occur. This so you can verify this fault for yourself and confirm
> that the fault is fixed when the patch has been applied.
> Daniel: Would you look at applying this patch to libxslt?

  Yup the bug was to dereference values->attr->parent without checking
first that  values->attr is not NULL.
  Fixed in CVS !


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