Re: [xslt] XPath weirdness

Le 13/09/01 12:58:27, robert a écrit :
> <xsl:variable name="catid" select="'1'"/>
> <xsl:template match="categorynode[@catid = $catid]">

Hmm, here's another bug (in your stylesheet, but LibXSLT should raise an
error and it seems it doesn't). Let me cite the spec (5.3 Defining Template
    It is an error for the value of the match attribute to contain
    a VariableReference.

Hopefully, it should be quite easy to fix LibXSLT. You'll need to fix your
stylesheet (idea: match "categorynode[@catid]" or "categorynode" and
enclose the whole template content inside an xsl:if with test="@catid =


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